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NAP Clothing (아가방)


I managed to find some of the published images that the company were going to use in their commercial. Here are the images. Again, I wish to praise you Avya on how well you did with this shoot. These images were in fact taken quite some time ago but I’ve been so busy with our new Apple App ‘Blogsy’ that I just haven’t had time to keep your blog up to date. Hopefully I will be able to now!


This shoot for pictures that would be used in a home shopping segment. So, unfortunately I wasn’t able to come up with the pictures they took or the video from the home shopping segment.

Your natural talent is really starting to show these days Avya. Sudona also did a lot of modeling so we do have the ability to make a comparison. It just seems like you know what to do in front of a camera Avya and you are so comfortable in front of a camera. Sudona, you did a great job but you were never as good as Avya is. There is nothing wrong with that – we all have our own talents and that is part of life. And being a child it wasn’t that important to you Sudona to get better and we were never into pushing you to get better. We, as parents, don’t see a lot of value in forcing you girls to do this modeling so if you don’t want to do it we don’t push. I haven’t completely worked that out in my head yet. Is it because you are getting paid for it? Because we have no problem pushing you to study, eat right, clean…etc. So why is it bad if we push you to do better at modeling? For some reason in my mind it is bad so we don’t do it. Maybe one day you girls will be upset with us because we didn’t push you. I know that I wish my parents had pushed me to spend more time learning to play the piano or more time practicing basketball.

So, here once again, you showed the other model how to model. After you showed him what to do he got better but still was not event close to showing the ability or professionalism of you. It is great that you are so good at it because it means they get the shots of you that they need very quickly and we can leave very quickly. That’s what happened here. We showed up after the other model but they got the single shots of you very quickly. Then they had to take the shots of the two of you together which took some time because they boy wasn’t doing that great of a job. Then we left and the other model had to stay to continue to work on getting the shots they wanted of him.

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