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MacaRon 1st

Today you modeled for MacaRon. It is a new clothing line a clothing
company is launching. It is just amazing and a little frustrating to
watch you work Avya. You just blew them away with your modeling
ability. I wish I could just set a camera up to capture the whole
thing. As soon as you got in front of the camera and they started
taking pictures you started posing like a professional. You had
everyone there amazed and laughing because your poses were so
professional and cute. The cameraman was totally blown away by how
many different poses you were giving him. You were giving a lot of
energy but for this product line they wanted poses that were a little
more serious so after calming you down a little and explaining to you
the mood they wanted you started giving them the kind of pictures they
were looking for. I think you truly have a talent for modeling. If
only the desire were there. But I can’t really expect you to have a
desire to do this at your age.
I did mention that it was also a bit frustrating. The reason being
that you get bored fairly quickly. Once you get bored it takes me a
lot of work to get the poses out of you. Your good modeling comes in
spurts at that time. You start complaining about being tired or hungry
or that your head hurts. I play with you a bit or try to entertain you
and you pose well for a bit then have some kind of frustration. You
also get annoyed when I keep reminding you to smile, look at the
camera or stand straight up.
But even with all of the frustration I think you do a wonderful job.
If it were up to me all your model shoots would be no longer than a
couple of hours. And places or companies that have done a lot of work
with kids know they should keep the shoots short. The problem is when
places or companies don’t understand that it is different working with
children than adults.
Great job Avya and thank you so much for doing this. One day I think
you will thank us for this experience.

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