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Mio Boutique 26th

It’s been a while since you last did a photo shoot for Mio Boutique.
When I told you that they had called to ask if you could shoot you got
all excited. You said that you really wanted to do it and you’d do a
good job so we agreed to do it.
You were really happy to see all of them when we met. And I think you
did a pretty good job. But you never know if they got the shots they
wanted or not. Time will tell whether they liked the pictures or not.
We told them how there was a big group of people in South America that
had heard that you were not doing much modeling these days and so they
had some big campaign for you to continue to do Mio Boutique modeling.
They thought it was so funny and interesting. Their comment was
actually, “If we are so popular around the world why don’t we sell
more in Korea?”
What else happened that day? Oh, that’s right. They were not really
happy that you had done the MacaRon modeling. You know, like most
industries, everyone know everyone – if not directly, in a round about
way. So, a bunch of the industry people called and told them about
your modeling for MacaRon. But the problems wasn’t that you modeled
for another company it is the fact that MacaRon is kind of copying
their style. So, the fact that they used you would add to the
confusion and will help this new clothing line get into stores because
the shop owners would get it confused with Mio Boutique. It is kind of
a tricky thing to do but of course we had no idea about any of this.
The models and the clothing companies are not in the same circles so
that kind of communication is really there.
Sudona, you were being a brat. You acted spoiled the whole time Avya
was doing the modeling. You just sat of in a corner and moped. You
wouldn’t explain to us what was wrong. I think you were just
frustrated that Avya was getting all of the attention and so you acted
that way to try and get some attention. But we didn’t give you that
attention because we feel it would make you believe that you could get
attention in the future by acting that way. So, we just acted like
there was nothing wrong with you and later in the day you were fine
I think that is all I have to say about the day right now. I thought I
had a few other things to bring up but I just don’t remember them
right now. Oh, yeah, at the end of the shoot Avya, you asked where
your clothes were. Almost every time we model for Mio Boutique they
give a bag of clothes for us to take. It is not required and it is
actually not common practice but they do it for you Avya. So, when you
asked them where your clothes were it was kind of embarrassing. But
kids will be kids.

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