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Little Bride

You had a lot of fun at this modeling shoot Avya. You always do when there are other kids to play with. Plus, it was done at a park so you were able to play on a lot of cool stuff.

The other girl in the photos is a year older than you and she was very friendly. She sat on my knee and climbed all over me and it actually got you kind of jealous Avya. But I played a whole bunch with you girls and you girls played a lot together. Then at the end I said we had to go and she ran over and started hanging on me. She said I was so fun and that she wanted to go home with us. Her grandmother came and got her and she cried and cried and tried to get away so she could come with us. I had no idea how to handle the situation so I said some nice things and then tried to walk away as quickly as possible.
Then as we were walking away you started crying Avya. I was carrying you because it had been a long day of modeling and playing for you. As you were in my arms crying you were saying how you missed Amber and she was your best friend in the whole world. I think some of it had to do with you being tired and just that you found someone you liked to play with.

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